Many businesses in Fiji use in-house accounting packages such as MYOB, Quickbooks and other popular programs. We can provide full support for all these accounting software programs and help take away the frustration that can occur if the program is not properly set up or staff not properly trained.

We can provide the following services at your office or business as follows;

  • Purchase of appropriate software

  • Advise on hardware requirements

  • Install the required accounting program

  • Structure and set up chart of accounts and reports to suit your business needs

  • Train accounting staff

  • Provide ongoing support and advice after set up



Accounting System of the Future

A number of our clients are moving onto Cloud Accounting systems

  • No installs, updates or IT headaches

  • You’ll never need to install an update or worry about backups, giving you more time to do the things that are important to you.

  • Forget swapping files with your accountant, consultant or bookkeeper. Because everything is stored online you can work together in real time.

  • Safe and secure - We know how important your business data is, which is why we use best practice standards to ensure your information is highly protected and backed up.

  • Everything you’d expect from accounting software can be performed here – VAT calculations, invoices, expenses and reporting.

  • Work smarter not harder


AccountRight Live
MYOB has launched a new accounting solution called AccountRight Live – a next generation cloud accounting service that gives you the choice of how you do the accounts: on your desktop, in the cloud or both.

One of the greatest opportunities available to businesses today is to take advantage of the power of the cloud. What’s the cloud? It’s a fashionable term for the internet. The cloud fundamentally changes your world and how you connect with all the people you do business with. Business is no longer bound by time or geography. Your business can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your office can now be where and when you want it to be – on the road, at home or overseas.

AccountRight Live gives you the freedom to access your live business data anywhere, anytime via the internet. You also have peace-of-mind knowing your data is always backed up and accessible, online or offline.

With AccountRight Live, you can:

  • Access your accounts on any internet connected PC anywhere, anytime

  • Link your bank account to automatically import and match your bank transactions

  • Store your data securely online and make a local backup to your PC whenever you like

  • Allow same time access for up to five people

  • Enjoy improved data sharing between your business and our practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of using MYOB AccountRight Live over previous versions
On the new platform, there is no need to purge data files when they get too big.  This gives clients the opportunity to retain previous years data for reporting purposes, without the software slowing down. Invoicing and forms are much more customisable in the new AccountRight.

When using AccountRight in the live environment (online), the client can enjoy access to multiple users, as well as online data storage, so they can work from multiple places and still have access to their data.

In the event of a hardware failure, clients can be safe in the knowledge, that we have their data.

What if a client stops their monthly subscription?
This isn’t a biggie.  As most of your clients are upgrading from previous versions of software, they still own their licence, therefore they can revert back to a desktop version of MYOB.  They would stay on the version of software they were on when they stopped their subscription.  So it might be AccountRight 2014 for instance.  MYOB would not make them revert back to older versions.

It is a good idea to “check out” any data files that are online before the subscriptions stop.  If not, then yes, the data is stuck up in the cloud, and the client would need to revert to a local back up

What if they don’t like using it?
MYOB is  now offering  a 90 day money back guarantee as standard practice when a new client signs up.  If clients can let us know within 90 days of signing up, MYOB will refund them any money paid, and they can revert back to using desktop software.  Again, MYOB would not make them revert to older versions.  They would keep the version they upgraded to, but just not have access to the online services, such as multi user access, and online data storage.

MYOB’s standard contract terms are 12 months, so after this time,  clients can choose to cancel their subscriptions.  Again, they would revert back to a desktop product, on the version of software they had upgraded to.





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